i didn’t recognize her

last night when i stumbled out of bed.

From Planting Along The Verge

even though she’s been there for years.  

we walked the ranch today and got a few things figured out and now there’s garlic and tomatoes roasting in the oven and the dishwasher went and changed his gray fading to green fading to threads t-shirt and is wearing an orange pebbly one and he’s sporting a gash on his head from fetching christmas lights down from the attic because i mentioned i might want to put them “around”.  i had an idea to put them on the mantel or the floor around the edges of the room.  

all these notions…

they don’t mean anything do they?


  1. well, I hate to disagree with your philosophical stance, but I do think that twinkling lights mean something… I love to see them — on trees, shrubs, fences, in bowls…they just make a glum person like me happy…


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