so that boot picture had absolutely nothing to do with san francisco but it was all i could manage from the hotel tomo lobby.
i love the hotel but it has a couple drawbacks one of which is there really isn’t any wireless internet connection. at least not for my laptop. the reason they gave this time was the rain. 
which we all know wreaks havoc on internet connections.
our short impromptu runaway to the city was just what we both needed.  we made a quick stop to the mission for food, books and browsing. tearful found me a new author, yannick murphy, thanks baby, and i found a pink cashmere sweater for $6.  we checked into the tomo and then browsed around japantown before heading over to suchada for our massages.
  holy mother of god!
i had a big lady this time and she worked me over pretty good. i think i fell in love a little.
after that we went back to japantown and wound up at tanpopo for more noodles. i ate about a pound of noodles on friday. after a short walk it was back to the hotel. lights out!
in the morning we found the red door.
the windows were blocked with red velvet curtains so you couldn’t see anything inside. it looked like some kind of speakeasy a little scary but the sign said they had french toast so we went over to the art supply store where we came close to spending all our life savings.  then back to…
the red door cafe.
that’s ahmed in the pink dress and blond wig. he runs the place and makes the best coffee in the universe. it cured my headache.
this has been added as a regular stop.
we spent the rest of the morning walking around japantown where they were having some sort of manga convention event extravaganza. there were manga characters everywhere. here are two of them…
there was also an ikebana class at the ikebana society…
one of the ladies told me she was looking for an apprentice so she could retire. she is afraid the art form will be forgotten.
i don’t think so!!
another beautiful san francisco lady…
  now it’s back to our sunday routine.
walkies and catching up on my internet reading and unpacking all the loot.  i stopped at scrap of course for more fabric because i can’t seem to help myself. 
one of the best finds of this trip was the bookstore in japantown where i found a book with sewing patterns. it’s all in japanese so it may be slow going but the designs are all simple and well illustrated
so i am hopeful.


  1. I read “pink cashmere sweater” as “pink cashew sweater”, and “for more noodles” as “for more needles”. Yikes. I think the universe is sending a message to slow down.
    (And I'm certainly relieved to know that you didn't eat a pound of needles.)

    What a great city….would love to visit it again. Haven't been since the early'80's. It's time.


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