February 2, 2010
From Planting Along The Verge

i think i’m turning japanese.
i managed to decipher one simple pattern from the new japanese sewing book
Heart Warming Life Series
pochee Special.
it was a simple little cardigan. two front and two back pieces but i had to stare at the page this way and that to find them.  there are several pattern pieces all printed over one another on the same page.  i still can’t figure out what any of the numbers on the page mean.  the book has about 40 patterns in it.
that was sunday. 
today i was back to staring and finding pattern. something my eye and mind love to do. i’m sure there is a category for this condition in the physician desk reference.
 another pattern became visible this morning and i’m almost finished with that one but decided to stop and think about what to make for dinner.  not that i want to but tearful will be home and he probably skipped lunch like he does and that will never do. not that rice and beans will thrill him but at least it will nourish and my mother would be proud. 

here’s what we watched last night:



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