June 25, 2010 


I’ve been wanting to play with images lately but am unmoved by my collection, Today when I opened our photo files I found three images that became this painting. Just like that.

 And that’s just how I made a tunic today. 

Blue linen again but not like the jacket/duster, this is more periwinkle blue, brighter, sunnier. The pattern comes from the last Japanese pattern book I found in SF.   A simple a-line dress pattern, so pretty! These patterns are amazing. I’ve made about three or four pieces now and they all fit beautifully and once I figure out how to put them together they are a snap to construct. This was the easiest one so far. I made it into a tunic when I started playing with the hem. I folded and sewed in a wavy line four times around the bottom, then I stitched a wavy line around the neckline. I’m calling it my blue wave tunic. The picture doesn’t do it justice but I like the jasmine in the lower right corner and the pretty dappled light.


and in the garden…


  1. Your tunic is beautiful and beautifully simple! That blue will look (and feel) cool on you this summer. Nice!

    And….be gone, gopher! The garden images were like a tonic for me in this dry, sparse desert!


  2. Looking through your blog – thanks for your comment on mine. Love it – particularly this dress. Fiona at Ecostitcher.


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