It’s over. The Thanksgiving brouhaha is in the past and it was fine and wonderful. The leftovers have been consumed by man, woman and beast.

Now we wait for the arrival of the little guy. All his clothes are folded and tucked away, waiting for his little arms and legs to fill them.

 His chariot awaits.

But for now, all is quiet. My mom is drinking her tea and Lu is snuggled up beside me wondering where everyone went. She looks a bit forlorn but I am soaking in it.


  1. Lovely, drowsy picture. (Hope your back is better!)

    I always enjoy the post-holiday times more than the festivities themselves. They come more into focus in remembrance….. and it's MUCH less tiring.

    Relax. Enjoy the quiet within the wait.

    – Karen


  2. Thanks Karen.
    The back is much improved and I am so enjoying the quiet, the calm between storms, the remembrance, as you say, clearer and richer and WAY less exhausting.


  3. Angella…that particular place, our bedroom, is a sanctuary, a refuge from any storm. We've deliberately left it as bare as I can stand it, no tchotchkes of any kind except for a couple of candles and the buddha, those don't qualify as tchotchkes I don't think, they add to the stillness and peace.
    Some mornings it's hard to leave that place.


  4. It's so sweet to have a refuge place in your home. Free of noise – just lovely stillness. So wonderful about the baby – isn't it amazing how they color our lives even before they arrive and fill those little sleeves? Mary


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