It’ that time again. Time to fire up the Om Mobile and hit the road. Not sure exactly where yet. Stay tuned.

The plum harvest continues. The plum crumble was great but the plum cashew tart missed the mark. Today I’m thinking, plum chutney. I had a fig chutney and melted brie sandwich on foccacia bread here the other day that would have knocked my socks off had I been wearing any. I think the plums will make an excellent chutney and I can certainly pack away a jar or two for the road.

Take off is set for Monday.



  1. oh fun, Yolanda… I love just knowing I'm a gettin … I have gotten into Homer and said… ? … started driving one way … decided nah then went another nah then decided to have a little something to drink break …

    an idea would come floating by … grabbed my drink and off I went. OR talking with someone wherever I decided to stop and get a drink and they mentioned a something or other… off I went.

    looking forward to seeing where you go … and wherever it is … you are going and going is very damn cool… I think so

    you melt the brie? hmmm I've never done that. I love brie and mango salsa on water crackers ~

    can't believe the tart didn't work.. sounded delicious


  2. Elizabeth, you know I would if I was heading that way!

    Carolyn, I like your spontaneity!

    and yes, melt the brie, you will then be transported to a blissfill melted brie place unlike no other. Try it with the mango salsa!

    Though the tart didn't thrill me, I have managed to eat it all.


  3. Oh yes to plum chutney as a traveling staple. This reminds me to get back on track with some curried dal in my unmoving kitchen. Thank you.


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