If Disney Was a Hospital and if I were Smoove B

There was another set back. Another hospital stay. This hospital has a real Disneyesque feeling about it. If I were in charge the doctors would be dressed like Goofy and The Beast and the nurses and aides as Mickie and/or Minny or the little Mermaid. The new wing, the one she was in last week had free valet parking and fountains and computer stations every few feet and a cafe that had a vegan lentil and rice bowl on their. The rooms were spacious, there was artwork hanging on the walls. The older wing, the one she is currently in is the older (wing) Disney. A grand piano that plays itself (!) right by the elevators and and anchor as it’s symbol. Each wing has a symbol. Yesterday I walked from the new to the old, the dolphin to  the anchor, something that is JUST NOT DONE. They have little old men in golf carts that take you from one wing to the other, a free ride, no ticket required, but I haven’t been walking because it’s 90+ degrees outside with 90+ humidity and my glasses fog as soon as I step outside. So I walked through endless warrens with endless turns and doorways and I thought about that Being John Malkevich movie and thought I might eventually come upon a ¾ floor with a hole to fall through. Who would I become if I could become someone else? Not John Malkevich. A restaurant critic most likely or a shoe model? A therapist with my own brand of therapy, something Disney or Star Trek related or a museum guard? The Dog Whisperer or Daniel Craig? Or just me, only liberated and smooth.

She’s getting sprung today but you know…that don’t mean a thing.

Keep it Real.


  1. shoe model sounds great fun, Yolanda. I vote for that. hiss on the museum guard… well, unless it was like that Ben Stiller movie… can't remember the name.

    you, liberated and smooth is also a nice image.

    I remember the wings well. spent two years with parents … sleeping in those lovely chairs and the last month with my Dad in a suite … glad it's over and so were they.

    life… and its subsidiaries ~ what a deal


  2. Whoa. You are living in an alternative universe. Or at least visiting one frequently. Maybe visiting one and living in another.
    Baby, baby. I sure hope you can go home at some point because this has got to be incredibly difficult.
    Like life.
    Anchor? What?


  3. Carolyn, I'm hoping for the restaurant critic along with liberation and smoothing.
    Life and its subsidiaries, yes. I like that.

    Ms Moon, An alternate universe is exactly right and I do miss home so bad!

    Sheryl, Thank you! I love this little community, I really do.


  4. You are in a surreal Daliesque universe and it's fascinating how you just flow with it, almost standing apart with no judgment. You're Yolie, liberated and smooth, the world is just waiting to catch up.



  5. I don't know, but I burst out laughing when you mentioned Becoming Daniel Craig. You are freaking funny. I think caregiving and hospitals bring out the darkest in our dark humored bunch, no?


  6. Angella, I am in a hyper surreal universe here where I have to keep asking myself,”is this for real?” It usually is.
    Oh that I were without judgement!!!
    That would be true liberation. There is a little watchdog in me that watches for judgements and he's real busy.


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