The Man of the house is gone for a few days and left me in charge. Or so I’m interpreting the situation. Really no one is in charge. It’s a house full of unruly children. We jump on the beds, eat ice cream for dinner and do not clean up after ourselves. Oh wait. That’s what normally happens. With me in charge there is no jumping on the bed but there is eating and reading in bed. There isn’t ice cream for dinner but there are strawberries and chocolate and as for cleaning up after ourselves, well, that’s the same.

I’m over my cold. I’m here to report all the silly supplements I took with feverish faith worked like a charm. My colds usually last up to and sometimes beyond a month and this one got it’s ass kicked in exactly one week. Take that stupid cold!

My new Bug OUt vehicle arrives tomorrow. Holy Crap! It’s an antique, an old Toyota Dolphin with original everything. It’s interior is so ugly it’s bordering on beautiful but I can’t live on that border so it will be getting re-done. As in Sweet Lime re-done. Remember the Sweet Lime? I’m not going blue crazy this time. I think I’m going more subdued but that’s just a thought and you know what I think about them. They aren’t always trustworthy.


  1. I sure like your dinner menu. Glad you're over your cold … you're getting a Dolphin? very cool…

    I just look at Sweet Lime… wow! we're talking major BLUE … well, what fun, Yolanda… so you blogged then quit and here you are again… great pictures!

    I've never met a subdued thought yet that I didn't question. tricky rascals.


  2. Oh bog that photo is so funny. Eating and reading in bed is PURE PERFECT and I do it all the time and I have ice cream for dinner and East Indian food for breakfast and I don't care and I don't know a single adult.


  3. Carolyn, Yes a Dolphin! woot! The Sweet Lime was my first ever bug out vehicle and I surely did love it but couldn't manage it on my own. Don't know how people do it.


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