It’s been one of those months. I’ll be happy to see the last of it. June conjures up sun and sprinklers over lush green lawns, gauzy summer dresses and refreshing beverages but the reality of June here is more gray wool, damp chilly winds and white skies. There are some blue skies scattered in between but for the most part…
It’s like that.
I’m looking forward to next month when I head east on a road trip with the Monk. Anything can happen.


  1. Ah, the freedom of the road, the call of adventure.
    Yes. I am sure you and the Monk will have the finest time.
    Too bad we can't trade climates for a day or so. We're up in the nineties, baking. I just want to lay on the bed with a fan on me.


  2. yes, here too ~ 97 and fans and the air on full blast!

    Monk is? I get confused who is whom… that correct? lol

    dishwasher is your husband… I read his blog now and then …

    Whatever! you'll be off on an adventure… looking forward to reading alllll about it 😉

    Hope your g'babies are doing wonderfully … Charlie is hitting Adelle with stuff.

    sigh ….


  3. Ms Moon, only 30 short miles away from here it is also in the nineties. Like walking into a sauna.
    Hard to do much in that kind of weather. Don't know how you do all that you do.


  4. Carolyn, the Monk is an old friend, a Buddhist monk. We usually meet up at my Mom's house once or twice a year. The Dishwasher is my husband and you know who Mr Chips is!
    Hope Adelle can hold her own, at least she's got a few lbs on Charlie.


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