So…What’s next Universe?


Our time here at shhhhhhh!!!! Whispering Pines is coming to an end and I could not be happier about that.

It’s not JUST the train that rolls by our bedroom window, rocking our bed in a not fun way every hour or so, or the unsmiling folk that look offended when I smile and say hello. It’s not even that the weather has been so cold that I’ve only been in the pool twice! The pool was the main reason for staying here in the first place! It’s really just that my feet are literally itching to get on the road. To give my eyes something other than 300 other RVs to look at.

In keeping with my life as Mexican telenovela minus the tits and ass, we now have a new crew member. He’s short and loud and carries a bag of dinosaurs around.




He’s a brave little guy, down for almost any adventure so he’s fitting right in. Braving cold water, learning to ride a bike and dancing late into the night.  


So what’s next universe?





  1. What a truly amazing photograph of your precious boy! Funny how life works out, but I can guarantee you this time on the road with you and his granddad will gird him for life. Lucky, cherished boy.


  2. My parents have a house near a lagoon in South Carolina, and the alligators swim right up to the bank and sit there so ominously. The kids have grown up with it, though, and they don’t bat an eye. I love that photo that you’ve taken of your grandson. It’s quintessential childhood right there.


  3. Elizabeth. For real? I find myself looking in every swamp, (which is every few feet in Florida) trying to catch a glimpse of an alligator! This place is so wild and a little menacing. I miss those muscular Ca. hills. The grandson. He is the quintessential Curious George. Exhausting and exhilarating.


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