Not Done in Yet

It was the first time we’d  lived in the trailer without power in 93 degree heat. Well,it was 93 in the trailer. Only 91 outside. There was the smallest but most delicious breeze whispering over the river making it comfortable enough to sit outside under the shade of the awning and what I’m calling a weeping pine, can’t find what it really is. I had feared the heat much more than the cold. One can add layers and fire up the propane heater or sit in front of a fire outside but there is no remedy for the heat without ac and the heat just does me in. But there we were.

Not done in yet.


That was a couple of days ago. It was a beautiful campsite complete with wild burros coming to visit every evening and ducks landing at the river’s edge


Then the boats started. Those really loud, really shiny expensive looking things with people in helmets at the wheel going so fast they appear to be riding above the water. And the jet ski people and the water skiing people. One after another after another. The noise wore us down and we left. Came back to the desert where no one else is around and we can sit outside under the mesquite trees which provide perfectly adequate shade.

Not done in yet.

Our friend Bob Wells of interviewed us on his You Tube channel. Thank you Bob! And Thank You everyone for all the nice comments.


  1. Wonderful interview. So interesting, love how mindfulness is so essential in your lives. Also loved the tour! You’ve made such an amazing home.

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  2. I watched the whole thing. I got such a kick seeing you both moving around in your space. I usually only you see you in stills, so it was a treat. What a hero’s journey you’ve undertaken. Hugs, sweet friend. You look to be all healed, which makes me happy.

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    • Thank you Rosemary! It was a pretty long interview! Thought he’d cut some but glad he left in almost everything. I am almost 100% ready to get on the bike again. Big hugs!


  3. First time to see your blog….I am truly inspired… you are an amazing couple living exactly how you want to …I wish you every happiness … I read old post and I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. Stay well…. Namaste


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