This World is a Miracle

Did that really just happen?




A few days ago I was walking through Washington Square Park watching a man playing with pigeons and the next I’m sitting in my jammies having coffee in my very own home on wheels. This world is a miracle.

It was the sweetest thing. Our trip to NY was so amazing and wonderFull! Everything was perfect. Even the whole flying through the air in a giant steel bird thing went well.




The city never felt or looked so good. We walked it until we both had blisters on our toes. We ate decadent food and drank delicious beverages. We celebrated a new marriage, made our family larger, met an old friend (LOVE you Rosemary!) for the first time, walked the Highline, visited the Monk’s temple and listened to the nuns chant.




Now we’re back in the “fake desert”.  The sky IS bigger, the mountain tops are dusted with snow and the palm trees are still for the moment. The winds will pick up any minute now and make them do their crazy dance. This world is a miracle.

We’re staying put for another day or so while Tearful recuperates from a cold.


I’m going through my photos and will probably load em up to Instagram in the coming days.




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