Mammoth Lakes

Ahhh, Mammoth Lakes. The perfect landing spot after a long long spell at Tearful’s Dad’s house. The moochdocking was superb. The grounds of Chez Odom Compound are spectacular. An amazing cactus garden, olive trees, live oaks and a swimming pool. Who could ask for more? Oh, and two of the most gracious and beautiful souls I was sad to say goodbye to. We had a great visit. Peaky Blinders binge watching, swimming and long walks everyday, gorgeous meals and precious times with the grandbabies.






Mammoth is experiencing an endless winter this year. I’d been reading about the 20′ snow storms they were having all winter, back to back it seemed.  People are still skiing here and expect to be doing so until August. Meanwhile, it’s sweltering in our little tin can. 88 degrees and so on in the afternoons. Between the altitude and the heat it’s been a little tricky. We hiked up Sherwin Creek Trail one day, 3 slow grudging miles up and 3 easy miles down through aspen, redwoods and wildflowers and at the top a gorgeous lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. There are lakes after lakes after lakes around here. We tried to hike up Crystal Crag but the snow hid the trail from us! We hiked almost all the way around Twin lakes but part of it was under water. We also took our inflatable kayak out for its maiden voyage on Twin Lakes and it was absolutely perfect. Our little 2 man/woman kayak was easy to inflate and easy to set into the lake and paddle away.







Fourth of July weekend is upon us and the town of Mammoth Lakes is a madhouse. We ventured forth for supplies and scurried back to our camp for lunch. Scott made us cheese and egg croissant and ice coffee for lunch and I spent the rest of the afternoon sewing patches on a pair of boring pants. They’re quite lively now I’ve added little ball fringe to the hems.




And here come the afternoon winds which can be quite aggressive and oh so welcome in this heat.

The natural beauty of this place is unbelievable.  Towering giant mountains, fragrant forests of pine and dancing aspen, wild iris, indian paint brush, columbine,  massive waterfalls, rushing rivers and crystal lakes. Birds near our camp converge in the sage and have long conversations. I don’t know why they conjure up old Russian women gossiping. Butterflies fluttering by.  It is breathtaking.  It feels holy. I keep trying to imagine what winters must be like here. Being a Puerto Rican girl, I’m not terribly fond of snow and cold but I can almost see the magic of this place covered in a white frozen silence.



As much as I love this place, I’m ready to leave. There are so many roads beckoning.




It’s been so grand to be camped just down the hill from our nomad friends once again. Outdoors Is Free/Chris, Melissa and Hayley. Young, beautiful, awake and radiating love and sweetness. Hayley, the wonder dog came to our rescue and spent an evening scaring away some mice that were trying to settle into the Airstream.  Chris’ mom made a surprise visit from Vermont (!) and we got to spend a wonderful evening talking story under the awning.  One of the many gifts of this life. Evenings out in the wild with friends, delectable meals at neighborhood restaurants, some pretty bad ones too! And always the sweet expectation of the next place and the next. I feel beyond lucky to be here. News of the world creeps in and makes me gasp in horror and personal heart breaks crash over me like tsunamis. Life doesn’t let up til we’re dead. Until then I rejoice in the beauty and fall to my knees at the horrors.

That’s just how it is.



  1. What a life! And because you move from here to there, you never get complacent with your surroundings, do you? Every day a new gift to unwrap and hold. Thank you for these shots from the road, for sharing them. For giving them to us with generous and beautiful grace.

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  2. I love the way you write and think. I don’t know you yet I feel like we would enjoy getting to know each other. Thank you for sharing what life brings your way. – Vicki

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  3. Gorgeous photos and thoughts. Carl and I visited there last fall, before the rains, to photograph the color, and it was AMAZING. I swear I almost had a religious experience there, lying on the ground listening to the water and the rustling of the leaves and wind. I’m so happy that you and Tearful are doing this — you are both life inspirations.

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    • It’s hard to get a bad photo up here. Everywhere you look it’s a postcard!! I’ve heard this place is amazing in the fall and I too have had holy moments up here. Love and big hugs to you and Carl.


  4. As Elizabeth said, you and Scott are inspirations to me, modeling what is possible in this life. What a breathtaking journey you’re on, with such beauty all around, the natural and the human kind. Thanks for checking in here. Lovelovelove

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    • Thank you for checking in here Rosemary! It’s tricky keeping up when service is so sketchy. We’ve hit on a good spot this week but we move today… It is an amazing journey and I am so grateful for it. And for you. Thank you! XXOO


    • Oh my. Dawn, I just got back to “civilization” and found your comment and hopped over to your Bohemian Valhalla…You’re a beautiful force of nature. Blessings to you and your tribe. Thank you for connecting.


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