The New Year dawned on us in the desert.


I watched from under the covers in my little nest of a bed.

This morning my Homo Sanctus aka The Tearfuldishwasher set out for a few days solo retreat. Off he went with his blanket and zafu, water and apples to sit under the open sky and chant his prayers. Suddenly the house was so silent it was almost assaultive. We spend almost every waking and sleeping moment together. It’s that feeling of going out and leaving your baby for the first time. How you keep turning to see how or where he/she is. How you feel the empty space in your soul where they live and something feels off. I have always relished my alone time. Longed for it and soaked it up like a dry sponge thrown in a bath fragrant with lavender and rose oil. Monday mornings in our stick house when everyone was off to work and school I would luxuriate in the silence and peace. Somewhere along the road that has changed. Don’t know how or why. Maybe because being together as we have been we’ve just sort of become this one unit. A two-headed, multi-limbed creature that acts as one. What a crazy thing!

Anyway, I’m not lonely, I have several fellow nomads around me if I want company and I have PROJECTS! lots of reading and eating to do. The wind is picking up so I’m tucked away in the Silver Happiness Machine about to cook up some lunch. Also I can catch up on Peaky Blinders. Life is good.



  1. When Glen and I spend two weeks entirely together in Mexico and then we come back and go our separate ways to work and so forth, I always miss him. I can only imagine how it is for you two.
    I wish you the Happiest of New Years, Yolie. May all be well. May there be peace.


  2. My man was home recovering from an illness for four months, and now he is back at work, and I miss him. I think it’s like that when someone is so easy to be with. You almost feel like more yourself with them. That’s why they’re your person. Enjoy your alone time. The vistas and sunsets where you are are simply breathtaking! Happy new year, my lovely nomads.


    • That is exactly why they’re your person! So true Rosemary. It is pretty here and I am happily stitching. And eating! Leftover black eyed peas. Yum.
      Happy New Year to you guys. XXOO


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