The weeks I spent in Florida seem so long ago! After all the “purging” and organizing was done, I took to walking early in the mornings before the rains and before it was too hot to move, jumping in the pool afterwards to cool off and then spending the rest of the days with Mom. It was quiet and slow and then it was time to go back to the other coast to spend time with the Number 1 Grandson.

We spent two weeks up in the eastern Sierras. We had a blast. We spent the first few days out in the Alabama Hills where there are lots of giant rocks for a boy to climb. Lizards, rabbits and dinosaur bones. S’mores by the fire at night, a quick trip up to the Whitney Portal to see where all those intrepid hikers begin and end their climb of the highest summit in the contiguous United States.



He was impressed.

“I love this place! I want to marry the world!”.

I know just how he felt.

We spent the rest of the time in the trees up in Mammoth Lakes, paddling and fishing all those gorgeous mountain lakes until the smoke from nearby fires chased us out. We fled south and found an oasis tucked in at the foot of the mountains. A funktastic place called Keough Hot Springs. A run down seen better days mineral springs “resort” with a giant swimming pool that showers water down upon you like a waterfall. And a large hot mineral spring pool for evening soaks.

Just the thing after spending a week in the dust.

We thought to spend the night and move further south if the wind kept pushing the smoke towards us but it didn’t and one night turned into 7 and we found another place to add to the favorites list. Moldy carpet, rotting wood, sketchy old trailers, big loud, happy families on the weekends, indifferent and unprofessional staff and sweet and hardworking maintenance guys keeping the grass green and beautiful. After spending the day in the pools we’d sit and watch the rabbits and quail come out and graze right by our little spaceship on the grass under the trees next to the creek.

It was perfect.

Number 1 Grandson is gone home now and we are heading north. Parts Unknown. We drove through Nevada, Oregon and Idaho in one day and are now back in Oregon at yet another hot springs “resort”. This one is clean and beautiful but lacks the charm of the little oasis. I guess we really are tree hugging dirt worshippers.



” I want the following word: splendor, splendor is fruit in all its succulence, fruit without sadness. I want vast distances. My savage intuition of myself.”

Clarice Lispector


  1. He’s grown so much! Wanting to marry the world sounds like pure joy! Can’t wait to see where your spaceship takes you next. There is tremendous beauty along the Columbia river gorge.

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    • Barbara he has grown so much. Tall and skinny! This is my first time up in this part of the country, excited to see it and yes! The Columbia river gorge is on our list. Any other recommendations appreciated! XXOO


  2. What a relaxed, “I feel like I’m with you!” picture you paint with your words. I am now returning to my desert oasis, feeling as if I’ve traveled long, cool distances, on a small “mind” vacation with you.
    Sigh….we need more “tree hugging dirt worshipers”—-especially now.
    Hugs and thanks.

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  3. Oh, boy this seems fantastic. I have so loved following ya’ll along on Instagram but appreciate your words and descriptions so much! I wonder how close you are to where Carl and I will be next week in Washington State — right between Seattle and Oregon. Maybe you could head our way?

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  4. Grandson No. 1 looks amazing! I love that portrait of him. It’s pure art. So is his desire to marry the world. What joy! You’ve made my heart sing today. I love your photos and I love your acceptance of the imperfect world. I learn so much from you. Blessings on your heads.

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