Whenever we go to Albertsons, Scott stops just inside the front door to dig in his pockets and look through the treasures in the those vending machines. If he doesn’t have any change I dig it out of my purse and leave him to it. The only reason to go to Albertsons is for the Broccoli Rabe, the plantains and those silly vending machines.
I love this about him. These little rituals. Another one is stopping at the bulletin board by the drug store. We can almost never walk by without him having to stop and read what’s up there. I don’t know what the attraction is for that one. I definitely get the love of reading the free ads in the New Times. Those are priceless. Bookshelf $11, you pick up. Broken table, like new $32 obo. His fascination with the ordinary makes me stop and look and wonder. I’d miss so much of this world without him there.

I made a Broccoli Rabe and Vegan Sausage Torte with a butternut squash and feta cheese salad, mashed potatoes and hoppin johns w/collards to bring in the new year.

The bling in the picture is what my delicious dishwasher won out of the Albertson’s machine.


  1. That is some bling! I like it. *smile*Today is January 10 and this post just showed up for me & is dated Dec 30th. Am I doing something wrong? I was gone from the computer world for a bit, but how retarded am I? The dishwasher will have yo go to Pizza Hut with my baby Todd..Todd hates pizza but always wants to go to pizza hut because of the machines there. :o)I posted a recap and about 40 pictures on LJ….stop by and check ’em out when you get a chance. We’re having the Fabulously French or as Allyssa’s us referring to it now her Parisian Bash of a birthday party on saturday…I’ll have loads mor pics from that I’m sure. 8 already, where is the time going??


  2. OMG, I thought this was gone!!! Oh well, so much for me checking etc etc.OMG again, I thought I was the only silly adult to look at the little vending machines!!! When G and I used to go to the chinese place on the embarcadero in MB, I always would get one of the winnie the poo figures or the spiderman figures…… of course I always scan the alberston ones too, but haven’t gone there in eons, AND the last few times there wasn’t anything that grabbed me.Lately we have been going there (only a few times) for the imitation crab, it is anly 2.50 a pound there, as opposed to what, 4.99 or something at the crock!!


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