my daughter’s shoes

My daughter is home. She and her friend have been watching some show about beauties and geeks. Deep cleavage and bad hair. Can you imagine?

I drove them to the beach earlier. Gray skies be damned! When the sun finally peeked out, they came home.

Just in time. I was wrestling my old Queen Anne chair in from the studio. My Sweet Dishwasher, he hates that chair but since he’s been gone the house is changing. The sofa moved. It’s floating in the middle of the room at odds with everything else so that my keyboard can rest on my old sewing cabinet and my music can rest on the back of the sofa. I can practice and curse my stupid brain with abandon.

Except for this week. This week my girl is home and I’m trying hard to be a “good” Mom. No practicing while they’re in the house and a trip to the Cookie Crock for friend’s favorite cereal. Cap’n Crunch, like my kid brother!

My girl. She’d just eat potato chips and soda and ask me to buy some ramen when she gets really hungry, ignoring my offer of cauliflower and carmelized onion garbanzo bean crepes. Can you imagine?

They made me dinner tonight. Some very spicy concoction. There was broccoli in it and plenty of Midland stories. I hope they’re writing it all down. You couldn’t possibly make it up.

I’m lost without my dishwasher to back me up and steer this leaky boat. I’m still surprised to find how easily I’m tilted. Though today was the first time I’ve ever stood firm and solid in tree pose. Go figure.


  1. Yolie, i can’t get into my old blogger without it attempting to <>force <> me to upgrade, so I can’t check the email listed there. It could be outdated-and refuse to upgrade. I don’t use it, and I refuse to give Google anything else by way of tracking cookies and in my opinion that’s all the new one is- a means to keep count of every keystroke, and that just pisses me off. I can log in here using the old one- and log right back out, and that suits me fine. The comment was simply an encouragement for you to enjoy this space. I’m a great <>admirer<> of space, and see it as more of a boon to self-realization than anything else in our lives, and that all things – even love, is defined by it.And I welcomed you back, rejoicing in your posting again-and I told you to enjoy your daughter and her friends in their time of dizzying change. I know from personal experience, this strange stage doesn’t last forever- there is much drama and even humor there, and I suppose the trick is to – again – take a step back, and view her right now as a kind of <>Brigadoon<> that will pass before you know it – not to be seen until her next reincarnation, a hundred years from now. She is a <>wood sprite<>. All young girls are at that stage, and what you see are the weird warps of becoming who she will be, not who she is. You’re seeing personal time-lapse photography. Enjoy the changing shapes and don’t be daunted by them. They are necessary. Much happiness to you- Karen


  2. Thank you Karen. I do know this teenage world will pass and my girl will NOT always be so difficult. Or maybe she will! No matter. I need to cultivate acceptance. As for the alone time. It’s a personal requirement of mine. I need it like I need my morning coffee.


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