Just because you can….

doesn’t mean you should.

I know, I know, someone with pink flamingos and garden gnomes in their yard shouldn’t be talking about anyone else’s tacky ass garden ornaments. But there are levels.

My Mother was telling me the other day about my niece’s ass. “Tiene ese fondillo gordissimo!”
I thought maybe she had forgotten about her own rather substantial package her own self, so I reminded her. She just chuckled, like, so what, she can still spot a fat ass and comment on it even if she has one herself.
There are degrees.

Two things that made me wonder today:

1. Finding a fortune cookie fortune floating in Lu’s water bowl that said, Your heart of gold will touch others.
I couldn’t imagine a more fitting sentiment for my little dog.

2. Seeing an old 30’s car ( http://rides.webshots.com/photo/1000313408000196123) with 3 youngish men in newsie caps driving down Main Street. Usually you see an old white guy with lots of money driving this kind of antique car around on Sunday afternoons. This car and it’s passengers wasn’t like that. It made me look down at my own clothes to make sure I hadn’t stepped in to the Twilight Zone.

PS Scottie the peach tree behind Camozzi’s is blooming little pink flowers! And there are buds on the ornamental pear up at Santa Rosa Cemetary.
I miss you baby.

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