panic, fear, resentment and more fear. truckloads of it.
2/3 was “sent home” for good this time and I’m having a time trying to keep my balance here.
Strangely enough along with all the panic and fear that threatens to choke and drown me, there is gratitude and hope and acceptance. I can feel it in there somewhere. Like looking for my favorite socks in my sock drawer. I know they’re in there somewhere, but I can’t get my hands on them at the moment.
So I’ll be strapping myself in AND battening down the hatches and trying not to loose my lunch here for a bit.
Hang on.


  1. not knowing the reference here, but your agitation and dismay are clear. whatever it is, all things pass. that is the one truth we can count on….<>all<> things pass away. take heart, lovely soul. if you can feel a hand reaching through the ether, giving pats, it is mine.- k


  2. O – what it is Yol y is that as anon i can not create links – You have to cut and past both lines into your http space and press GO. Here’s another of the stone lined path to the pear tree out back. – and you might check behind/under the dresser for that sock — sometimes if you stuff it too full they’ll sneak out the back of the drawer when you close it.


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