Dude, why’d you jump?

He looks sad but he’s fine Scotty. No permanent damage from his death defying leap out of our truck last weekend. He followed me around the yard today as I did some digging up and re potting. I planted the Broccoli Rabe seeds. It’s beautiful here today.

It’s Week 2 and things are settling down nicely. This week we had the So My 15 Year Old Daughter is Pregnant Can She Spend the Night Here With You and Your Daughter visit from one of Em’s friends. Right in the middle of my Six Feet Under episode. My own daughter assured me she would never come to me with that kind of news, that she would take care of it all on her own. She didn’t get why I wasn’t comforted by that.

We also had her first driving lesson and I’m proud to say I only chewed one nail down to the quick, didn’t scream AT ALL, even when there was perfectly good reason to and I only grabbed the wheel once and only because I didn’t want us to die in a head on collision. All in all a pretty good launch. Does anyone have any valium?


  1. You will come through all of this marvelously…don’t you always? I should be keeping my own copy of all this somewhere, because I can’t imagine myself ever handeling these types of things the way you & Wade do. There’s already nailbiting & screaming here & mine are 6 & 8….so if anyone comes through with that valium…forward some on down here to the south.


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