1. Hey Yoli….I took your tour. Freakin’ awesome!!! I was posting comments like a mad woman and then realized maybe you wouldn’t realize it was me since I used allynbubs as the sign in name. So I babbled on about explaining that it was me and not some internet wacko….Then I realized I could have just commented here. So, there you have it. Extra love and rambling from me spread out a little here, a little there. I’m glad you posted today. I’ll be cleaning and re arranging things up here over spring break (which begins tomorrow) Up here meaning the frog where I keep the computer stashed. So I’m sure to pop on and I’ll post more in LJ too. We are flyin’ to vegas this summer and then planning on renting a car to drive over just for a quick little day or two hello to the fam there in california, and I’d love to stop by and just say hi for a minute. If I’m that close I just absolutely must see the studio and ofcourse you in person. :o) I don’t have dates yet, but it’s looking more and more around the 4th of july. So happy birthday America and I hope to see you.


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