Tiniest Kitchen

This is where we keep our fridge. In the laundry room by the back door. It’s an old house with a tiny kitchen where one couldn’t fit even a tiny fridge. And yes I realize the stove is in a sort of dangerous predicament right by the back door. That’s why I mostly use the burners next to the counter. And behind the stove’s door number two is a kick ass broiler that one must vigilantly watch while roasting red peppers or anything else for that matter. There have been fires.
That stove is a masterpiece. Even though it is poorly located.
Much in the house is.
The previous owner worked for a time as a temporary day laborer remodelling houses. This proved to be our downfall as he went about gutting and then designing the interior to fit some strange plan in his big brain. He had one good idea and that was turning two of the bedrooms into one. That was the end of his good ideas. The bathroom is tiny and has two doors one of which slams your knee bones when your on the toilet and your husband or daughter or dog decide to come on in.

What used to be the dining room was no bigger than a small closet and he decided to open it up but only part way. He made half walls so the room is still too small for a table and chairs. We’ve turned that into a comfortable office space. There are other things about the house that drive me mad but we’ve decided to fix them. One thing at a time. We’ll be busy til we die and so will my daughter’s children and so on.

They left another bowl in the driveway this morning. This one is gray and has little black paws around the bottom. Very cute. Perfect for Rajah. I’m almost certain it wasn’t Rajah since she’s really too old and wobbly and basically uninterested in prowling the neighborhood at night like she used to. This makes seven or eight I think. I’ve lost count.

I'm listening

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