The Fortnight Lilys are blooming

It’s been a strange couple of weeks.
I hurt my back. Again. It’s getting better.

Every little thing that could go wrong at work went wrong and this afternoon I noticed the little gnomes that live on the balcony across the street are gone. I didn’t notice them leave and now that they’re gone I miss them.

Raj has started leaving again. Neighbor Jim says he’s noticed her escaping and taking walks down Main Street at dusk. She settles in after a while at the edge of the driveway where she watches the cars go by. He’s worried she’ll get hit by a car because she limps so badly and can’t move very fast. She’s wily though that Raj and she knows about cars and other things I can’t even imagine.

We’re almost finished with the studio but there is more work after that. Always more.
Hope I don’t stove out.


  1. Hi Yo,I can’t wait till you post pictures of the new studio….I know it’s going to be lovely.We’re leaving for Vegas Tuesday. We’ll be there from July 3 till the 21st. We are renting a car on the 13th & driving over to CA. I was hoping to see you when we came through Cambria, but apparently we will only be going as far as Santa Maria. It seems that the folks there have decided that they would rather we just all meet at my dad’s house. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.And…I got a compliment on the jar you gave me. A few days ago, a neighbor stopped by and saw it & loved it! It is a glass jar with photos applied to the outside and wire and beads around the rim and paper words inside. I’m not sure if you remember sending it. I’m off to do some bills. They might apriciate me sending them off before we leave. Love, Turk


  2. Hi I think your little nest is very charming in its current colors — where the heck did you end up putting that metal topped table I liked- the one you sent me a picture of with a bowl of grapes on it years ago at the northern house? All that work’s paying off ehh? really like especially the corrugated roof (nothing like the feeling of being watched, huh) to tell the truth happemed to spy a peek on my quick get away down south last month,( had needed to stop at the market so took the main loop toward five)(I’m not really nosey as I know first hand the profound subversive effect that sort of supposed unbeknownst to anyone who matters kind of underthe wire stuff has on the totality of things not even imagined to the average sniffer..)anywho , very artsy and nothing like the sound of rain, angry or not on those tin roofs — I love it.nothing like being burned out.. say, happened across a couple of movies by chance pulled out of the pyxis at safeway the other night, you might check em out:Inside Out — kind of soap-operay& The Fountain — this one more interesting,,, the spanish character Issy had a familiar face, I can’t place though./TTfn


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