How to handle gophers and moles

The studio is complete.


more pictures here

I’m still moving in and organizing and throwing things away or packing them up for Goodwill.

The garden is just passing it’s prime though that central garden just outside the studio is still beautiful. I’ve had gophers and moles everywhichwhere in the yard this year. Those demons! Even the driveway which never ever had anything but flowers spilling over is now a maze of mole tunnels. Somehow the 2 hydrangea I planted are still there and blooming nicely.

The front garden is another matter. Lost most of what I planted earlier this spring. Even the pink bleeding heart which I thought was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I’ve cut everything that was left back to the ground and will wait them out. Maybe they’ll move if I don’t give them anymore snacks.

Maybe this approach will work with all my worries. Starve them out, quit inviting them in for a tasty and nutritious supper. Ignore them and attend to other things like cleaning the bathroom or reading a book.

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