Life in the web

Back to work after a week off. It wasn’t enough I could use another one and another one after that. But like that extra bowl of ice cream I had last night, it turns out the first one really was enough.

Things at the Inn are just the same except I don’t take an immediate dislike to most every one who walks in the door. People seem nicer.

The War of the Marias rages on. One of them is pregnant now and the other is already anticipating and resenting all the extra work she’ll have to do. There are two new Inn Keepers to further lighten the owners load. Soon they’ll be sending checks from Costa Rica and checking in by email once a month.

Had lunch with a friend after work yesterday to seal the back to my regular life deal. Same restaurant, same table, same conversation, different order. I had a calamari salad with a honey dressing. Yum.

I'm listening

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