mirror self

It’s just me and Lu today and maybe all weekend if things go as my daughter has planned. The Dishwasher is off playing with guns and I am left to captain our little ship. I’m no count at it. I’m easily distracted. Yesterday I bought the fixin’s to make my own granola and it wasn’t until this morning I realized I was grossly overcharged. Looking at the receipt this morning it appears I bought some $57 worth of tea! I don’t even like tea. I was thinking about the stupid raccoodle Maria was telling me about earlier in the day. A poodle crossed with a raccoon? It’s too grotesque to even think about but ever since she mentioned it I haven’t been able to get that horrific image out of my mind. That and the tremendous fear of being a single parent this weekend was eating away at my brain when I forked over all that money for breakfast cereal.
And wouldn’t you know it, every time that crazy Dishwasher leaves town something goes wrong with the fish tank. The lights have gone out and though I know nothing about it I know the lights aren’t supposed to go out in the morning.
Not that I mind alone time. I actually love it more than is decent.

I'm listening

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