October 15, 2007

We’ve had two glorious rain days and every thing’s gotten a good soaking. We’ve been tidying up and have decided to go ahead and make a patio in back of the studio before finishing the bath house.

Stage one of the “patio”

Scottie went ahead and put the bamboo in the ground since it seems to like that spot well enough. I’m thrilled to see the white canna lilys coming up in that bed as we have a gorgeous display every spring but they’re on the side of the house no one sees. I’m always amazed at how many come up and how beautiful and hearty they are.

And always the monkey watches us.

My little trouble spot by the arbor in the central garden got camouflaged with some pots and a freshly painted birdhouse. The roses we dug up and put in those pots are looking spectacular. All have buds.

Vitarka Mudra
known as the gesture of reasoning.
Found at the Ace hardware in Morro Bay.

Some very welcome johnny-jump-up volunteers in the potted palm.

I'm listening

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