November 13, 2007

It’s warm and sunny today but we have had real autumnal days this month as well as a little rain here and there. Enough to make the nasturtiums come up like crazy everywhere. The Allysum and the poppies as well.

The maple has lost most of it’s leaves and all the plants beneath it were eaten by gophers so we put in some snapdragons and daisies to make us feel better. We also took out the tomato and I’ve been eating tomato, scallions and cucumber with feta cheese for the last 3 days. Next year the tomato will have to go in one of the other beds. The bed it was in doesn’t get as much sun as the others. We put an artichoke in where the tomato was.

The back deck is still in progress. We got distracted there and went a little paint crazy in the house instead. The hallway now sports a spiffy stencilled paint job complete with tiny mirrors and a tiny chandelier.

Here’s our little Indian man next to the bamboo though he no longer sits there. We treat our yard very much like our interior. Things/plants get moved around as the mood strikes.

We planted the bed in front of the lair but I don’t have any pictures yet. Waiting for an overcast day and a free moment to happen all at the same time.

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