The buds on our roses refuse to move past this stage. At least on this one. It’s been balled up in this tight little fist for weeks. Of course I was a little surprised to see buds at this time anyway….

We’re enjoying our second big storm of the season. There was one in early January and now this one. It started raining about a week ago? I’ve lost track. It feels like it’s always been raining. Nothing dries out. It feels kind of like Taiwan during the rainy season. We’ve had a couple of freezes but overall very mild temperatures.

The hills are beginning to green up and though everything in the garden looks grand, I’ve not been inclined to spend any time out there. Mostly I’m in the studio looking out at the rain and the Bachelor Buttons, still blooming.

The bananas we planted look pretty dreadful but they’ll come back with the warm weather. I hope.

The freakin’ gophers ate the pineapple sage I planted and have left little mounds of powdered dirt everywhere. We have to call in the big guns in the spring to take care of this problem as it’s hardly worth planting anything otherwise.

I’ve been taking cuttings to root in between downpours. So far the hydrangea and the abutilon have rooted. I’ve got some hardenbergia and some pineapple sage going as well.

This time of year is more for admiring the garden from indoors. I like this rest.

Look at all these babies…….

The moss is growing back between the bricks.

This is what’s in bloom now……

Calendula, Bachelor Buttons, Jupiter’s Beard, (this stuff never stops blooming!), Nandina and fushia.

February 4, 2008

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