Feet in the Clouds

I had a grand weekend.

Friday I made lunch for some friends. I made this recipe from the Barefoot Contessa and I would eat this again every day of my life only I want to live longer than a couple more months. It’s heart stoppingly good.


I love having Too Tall Tim over because besides being a flamboyantly great dresser he brings me gifts no one else in the world would ever. This week along with a bag of mixed yarns he also brought a black angora sweater, short puffy sleeves, a piece of herringbone suiting fabric and a crocheted wreath complete with crocheted daffodils, daisies, and butterflys. It’s priceless. He goes to rummage sales and spends hours and hours and hours and finds the weirdest most wonderful shit you can imagine.

Saturday Le Dishwasher and I went to our ceramics class. Yeah. I love it! I could be a potter.
I want to build a giant kiln in the back yard.
After class we went to Morro Bay and bought our daughter guitar strings and best of all, I found broccoli rabe at the farmer’s market there! I haven’t been able to find it (or grow it) for months now so I didn’t blink an eye at paying $5 a lb. It went very well with the left over mac and cheese.

Sunday was our day of rest. After we cleaned the whole entire house. The Dishwasher can’t sit unless all the dishes are washed and the floors are polished. Bless his heart. None of it would get done without him. I’d sit in my own filth knitting away and yelling at Lu to stop licking herself.

It was a grand weekend.

Thank you Dishwasher. MOMD.

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