Quilty Bits

I haven’t sewed a quilt in ages. Uninspired to do so expecially, my finger just did that speeling on it’s on. That one too. Lost my trin of thought. Oh my, whta is that?

What I am trying to say is…..

I saw this photo in a New Yorker a while back. A giant pile of crunched up steel that made me want to sew a quilt again. I don’t kmow if it’s finihsed. I don’t know if it’s finished.

I like it though I have no place to hang it and it may end up in a suitcase in my studio. That is why I’m knitting socks. They at least get to come out and keep my feet warm and are admired. By me mostly.
I’m working on a crazy go nuts pattern of leaves right now. Embossed Leaves Socks. On circular needles. What deranged mind came up with this?


  1. Well, it could be worse. You could live in a big city where no one cares! I live just north of Boston. Today, my car died in the parking lot of the commuter rail station just as I was about to turn into a spot. Several people walked by me without a word. A few even glared at me, as if I ruined _their_ day! Somehow, I think if I were in Boston proper, someone would have asked me if I needed anything. Surburbia can be cruel at times.


  2. no place to hang it? lordamercy, i always thought quilts were interactive — put that beautiful creation on the bed, where you can each appreciate the other. it’s gorgeous.


  3. OMGosh I think I just had a spirtual moment there…and that’s huge for me, as an atheist. I guess that’s an artistic moment. Sorry to intrude, but I was just browsing ‘Whip Up’ and found your quilt and read you talking about making it…words jumped out at me…ripping…wrinkles…I could just burst into tears. Well, it’s not that big a deal, but I’m someone who has been exploring my interest in quilts and art and funtional items and drawing and so many other things that over the last ten years I’ve accumulated all this fabric that I now don’t even want becuase it’s very traditional stuff (and I’m so not traditional anymore) but I can’t throw it away, my mother taught me better than that. I’m also someone who hates patterns and hates rules and just wants to grab something and sew it although I get stuck. Long story short on Friday when I hit my studio I know what to do with all that fabric. I’m going to rip and cut and sew like a mad woman and maybe I’ll produce something a fraction of the fabulous you have there…but I know for sure it’s doable now. For some reason I have to see things…being self taught I’m always caught up in wanting and never quite sure ‘how to’.Whew…that was quite the five minutes! Now I can go get supper ready after that little creative breakthrough. Thanks.


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