Home again home again

Back from a most beautiful week at Esalen. See thedishwasherstears.blogspot.com ratfuck post for a description. Really there weren’t that many people there with dreadlocks and the free range onion soup was truly delectable.

Finally I found the California Pat Johnson and I used to dream about when we were in high school. Sun, ocean, beautiful people in touch with their inner everything.

It was a difficult time to leave my nest but I’m so glad I did. Things in my brain and body shifted and made room for…

what’s to come.

This morning after my gym workout I stretched and felt loose and open in places I thought were locked up tight forever. Thai Massage is a beautiful thing. I highly recommend you find a practitioner and get one today! Or call me for an appointment.

Also I highly recommend a stay at Esalen. It will cure what ails you.
The food is dead good too.

One comment

  1. Good for you and congrats!!How are you? Good to see ya face and hubbs at the library….. hows your mums situation?I forgot to ask, if you would be EVER soooo kind, and, email me of sorts, what I need and how to proceed with a living bird house, (you know, like at the lodge,) if memory serves me right you did take that class up there?! Yes, no?! I want to, but it has gone up like to two hundred something?!?!!! YIKES!!! I will even pay for said instruction if you like, say, something much more do-able?!? $20? for said written instructions for the intellectually challenged, spelling it out detail by detail, well, you know what I mean,.,…. not that I am cheap, just hard up for money…….. I would very much appreciate it, VERY MUCH!!!! Like, if it would take maybe half hour to type? Maybe…… I beg and PUHLEAD with you!!?!?!?!?! * blink blink with the most innocent begging long look I can come up with?!? My email is faefreund@yahoo.com LOVE TO YOU!!


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