The Monkey King

New necklace in the shop.
The Monkey King. Magical being from China said to have helped bring and translate the sutras from India. Sweet, smart, good little Monkey.

It’s my gettin’ ready for Fall necklace. Even though Fall doesn’t arrive here until sometime in November or December. For me personally, fall has already arrived. I’ve quit sewing summer things and am already sewing for warmth and looking at richer darker colors.

The studio has transformed once again. I’ve gotten rid of my girly daybed and made more space for my massage bed and yoga mat. I’ve once again organized all my stuff. Defining and refining.
I’m feeling very organized.

And full.
The Dishwasher is on a tear. Making cakes now in addition to heart stopping delicious meals.


  1. Yep – those darker rich colours calling me again already too. Back online!!! And in a lovely new home… with…..a ……Garden!!! WHoooooop. Looking forward to catching up on your fine offerings here. Sending big warmth to you, and more yabberings soon. Love xxx


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