a page from my book

I’ve been looking through my mess of recipes. Recently I found this little book I made 4 years ago. According to the back I made 10 but I think that’s a lie. I think I meant to make 10 but made maybe 5. Or 6. They all had the same recipes and pictures but I think I used different papers and doo dads for each one. Each recipe’s ingredient list was folded up and sealed with a wax and ribbon. The pages were made from waxed dipped burlap. I really enjoyed making these. I love this one I kept and actually cooked a recipe from it last week. The Thai Shrimp Bisque. Yum.

It’s almost Thanksgiving and one thing I am especially grateful for this year is that we’re not hosting dinner here. As much as we’ve enjoyed it through the years, this year I’m just not in much of a party mood. Plus I’ve been eating like it’s Thanksgiving all year now that the Dishwasher has discovered the joys of cooking. And how do you top last year’s almost burning down the studio? I say we stop while we’re ahead and go have dinner at Dad’s. Also I’d like to vote for having Duck instead of Turkey.

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