Studio Sunday

this pink thing is a foulard. a headscarf I’m knitting. i was half way through and wondering at how long it was taking me especially since the needles are enormous when i realized I’d dropped a stitch way back at the beginning of time. oh lord baby Jesus. i had to tear it down to that last dropped stitch because i don’t know how to pick it up without tearing it all out. this is why god granted us patience.

the stitched face thing is a stitchery I’ve been working on (and mostly off ) for a long while. I’d printed some mathematical formulas on it to stitch and then threw the whole thing in a teapot to stain and when i sat down to do the stitching the formulas were gone. so. tea staining actually removes ink staining. for those of you who were wondering.

and the doll. i made her years ago. i think I’ve made one for every little girl I’ve ever known. my little Rastafarian dolls. this is the last of them. she seems very comfortable and amused watching all this brou ha ha. (sp?)

The blue elephant was a quick study. something I’d been thinking about. a blue elephant like Rachel’s cake in Rachel getting married. this is the second stitchery inspired by that movie. the first is still in progress as i stitch and tear and stitch and tear my way through to the end.

there are more ideas pouring in every day. this morning’s idea was of vessels. knitted or crocheted and maybe felted. long tall skinny vessels all standing along side each other. this isn’t a new idea it’s just bubbled up to the surface like it and others do from time to time when the pot is on full boil like it is right now.

I'm listening

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