happiness can make you cry

I pull out this quilt at least once a year. It was made by the Dishwasher’s great Grandmother Lola and many others. They all signed their names in perfect chain stitch.
It is a marvel. I can identify a few stitches but most are new to me. I’ve been studying on it. Trying to figure out how some of them were done but I have a feeling many of them were made up as they went along. Compound stitches. They stitched along and thought maybe they’d add this one to that one and see how it looked. They used superior thread because none of it is damaged while some of the fabric has frayed badly. Some one’s pants or jacket. I’m certain not one bit of the fabric used was bought for the purpose of making a quilt.

Still stitching away on my own re purposed fabrics. I’m almost done on one. Machine stitching it which goes pretty fast. The other, my boy, that will take a while. I’m definitely hand stitching that one.
My hands are very busy.

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