random playing

studio was chilly cold this morning but my trusty little heater warms things up quickly. i’m making progress on my projects though i’ve slowed down a bit. enthusiasm is waning.

jumping on a trampoline is much harder and more painful than i imagined.

i’m making sweet potato and tofu enchiladas for dinner tonight.
not because i hate my husband but because it sounded yummy last week when i bought the ingredients.

this week….

i’ve avoided making it until today. the ingredients sitting there waiting.

and this after he made such a beautiful dinner last night.
he came home and took one look at me and went straight back out to the store and an hour later had a beautiful meal on the table in about an hour.

and here i am with sweet potato and tofu enchiladas.
and he’s coming home with duck.

for tomorrow.

i must have done something so right in some previous life to deserve this.

I'm listening

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