my stitches

Finished ribbon lace scarf (from hell). It took forever because i kept skipping stitches or confusing stitches or dropping stitches and there wasn’t any ripping out there was only carefully and slowly unpicking stitches. over and over and over again. it should be longer but after two skeins of yarn i call it done. i started a simple stockinette stitch cardigan just to wash the bitter taste of lace patterns out of my life for the moment.

i don’t feel much like being in the studio finishing my other projects so i’m knitting and baking chocolate coconut macaroons.

it’s balmy and gunmetal gray out there. rain! please. rain.


  1. How beautiful! You did a really nice job and the color is beautiful :-). And you know scarves … they are always as long as they are supposed to be! [Maybe that’s why I like thin scarves … you get much more length for the same amount of patience!]Show us the cardigan when you’re done :-).


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