Things are slow at the Inn these days. The phone rang once the entire day I was there and it was for me. I’ve been baking on days like that. Whoopie Pies, Chai Cup Cakes. I’m also knitting and watching tv. Catching up on my Big Love episodes. All that drama. All those egos. I just about almost get close to managing my own. And then I don’t. Then I realize there is no managing it. I’ve settled for watching it like it’s some kind of docudramadey. Because that’s what it is.
PS. Yes those are yo-yos on my skirt. My grandmother made an entire bedspread out of these once upon a time.

One comment

  1. Hi Sweet Yolie,Popping in to wave to you.Witnessing and Whoopie Pies, and yo-yo’s, and Grandmother. Yes, my dear Yolie is Yolieing well, it sounds.Raising my next cup of Tea in your direction,xxx


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