has it really been that long?

it feels like summer has only just begun and really it’s not much of a summer. it’s still pretty chilly but at least the sun is out most of the time now. i waited until i couldn’t any longer before planting our tomatoes not only because it was so chilly and gray but also because the mary rose had so many blossoms i didn’t have the heart to move her but move her we did and she looks pretty dead to me though the dishwasher believes she will revive. the tomatoes are going great. both heirlooms. green zebra and…. must remember to keep those little tags next time.

the brussels sprouts grew to outrageous size. behold…

and all but one plant was so infested with aphids that we had to toss them. the remaining plant got a serious spray from the hose and i’m keeping an eye on that one.

the fortnight lilys made a brief appearance last week ….

and the hydrangea are finally fleshing out in front of the lair. yay!

the monk also made an appearance and this year’s project was a rock garden. he got to work soon after arriving gathering all the stones and broken pavers he could find in our yard and built his little “ruins” rock garden up on the hillside ….

i haven’t been able to muster up the mojo for planting it yet. i don’t know why. it’s probably best i wait for the rains anyway though i’m planning on succulents and whatever else volunteers. cerinthe and bachelor buttons would be most welcome.

it’s reached the point where it pretty much does what it does without much attention from us. the whole veggie garden thing has been a bit of a disappointment this year. the brussels sprouts loss took a bite out of my enthusiasm. that was alot of investment in time and water for what was to be one harvesting for each plant. i won’t do that again. i’ve got a beautiful and slightly scary butternut squash vine creeping it’s way around one of the beds and the fourth bed has 4 bush bean plants which put out about 9 beans altogether. the eggplants are still going though and i had the first one in last nights panang curry. delicious.
the parsley has been the best performer so far. it’s huge and this after i cut it down to the ground 2 weeks ago.

that is all.

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