sTill July

somewhere between trader joe’s and the home despot i lost my wallet.
it wasn’t the $2 or the bank card or even my anthropologie gift card which granted, only has about $20 left on it, but still, it was the wallet itself i felt the loss of. it’s a little red faux leather thing with a little black monster with sharp gray teeth that folds over and holds the whole thing closed. i could drop that wallet in any of my purses and find it easily in and amongst the detritus. i would definitely miss that wallet. i couldn’t get that whole letting go thing to work for me.

so i’m feeling particularly hopeful and joyful and there is a spring in my step today despite this weird knee thing, because someone did call late in the evening and said someone had found it and i could pick it up anytime. and my $2 and my anthropologie card and my bank card and even my little post it list of things to get was still in there!

thank you whoever found my wallet and returned it! thank you dishwasher for going through all that rigmarole to get it back to me!
thank you.

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