it’s cute right?
too cute.

and it doesn’t look anything like this anymore. a few weeks ago there were monk’s robes hanging in the window and there was a pet snail. i saved that snail’s life by showing it to the monk. it was living in the squash bed and now it lives in a Buddhist temple in NY city. the monk wants me to send him another one so he can breed a white snail. why? for his jewelry. i don’t know how long snails live but i think he might have a bit of a wait for the shell.

so now the studio has brilliant orange and teal curtains and colorful batiks on the bed and a bob Marley pillow and instead of a rug there are dirty clothes and books covering almost every inch of the floor. really, I’m not exaggerating. there is a little space in front of the door.
she’s baaack!

the monk wants the studio back. he has changed his retirement plans he says. i think he may have given up his Alaskan retirement plan altogether now. the one involving a bottle of brandy and a long walk in the snow.

that is the power of the studio.
and the lair.
i guess he and em will have to work it out amongst themselves.

i’ve got the sewing machine out and i’m runnin‘ that baby like it’s a hot rod. i’ve created some beautiful things. clothes mostly but there is a quilt in the works.
i’m liking it.
i’m in the groove.

I'm listening

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