i think of this as a portrait of myself and the dishwasher.

if the books on our shelf tell a story about who we are then our netflix queue is just as revealing though i’m not quite sure what either collection says about us.

yes we watch biographies and documentaries and foreign films though not many french anymore as i think we’ve seen them all! we’ve got anthony bordain’s no reservations and a whole mess of old movies like dial m for murder and night of the iguana. we also have south park episodes and we have been known to watch really offensive american movies like pineapple express and step brothers though the latter only played for 7 minutes before i turned it off. this all seems a little…untoward to me.
and interesting.

while i find myself endlessly fascinating my daughter would beg to differ. she is engrossed in her search for self and sees me settled into a deeply boring life and her father as maybe a little…dangerous.

i can’t imagine why.

I'm listening

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