the dishwasher is away for a few days and my plans were modest.

eat well
bathe the stinky dog

i’ve  done almost all those things.
the eating well part…
does a bag of potato chips for dinner count?

here’s what i’ve been sewing


i was sewing neat little circles on my other quilt finished it actually, all that’s left is the binding.  it made me crazy though and i was suddenly in the mood for raggedy edges and hanging threads.  so that’s what happened.  though it didn’t happen quickly or easily. it went through many permutations and may go through some more before i call it done.

it’s done for now.


  1. oh, this is so much fun…to see the other half, the colorful images….the echoes of the dishwasher…blogging is so insane. How can I be interested in two strangers living in Arizona???? But, there it is….


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