Clicking Down Memory Lane

My shoulder is giving me fits. I’ve tried resting it and then not resting it and then applying heat, ibuprofen, massage, downward dog. None of these seems to be working and it’s been a week today. So this morning I’m organizing our photos. An insanely huge undertaking but I’m taking it in baby steps starting with pictures of our nest and garden. One thing I’m seeing here is how much we love to play with this house. We paint more than we probably should. The Dishwasher likes painting. We move things around regularly. This includes entire rooms. We’ve made our dining room our office and back again a couple of times. Bedrooms get switched at the drop of a hat. As a matter of fact, they will most likely be switched this weekend. See if that doesn’t fix my shoulder!

The original kitchen in black and white


Note the enormous bread machine!
We ate bread, we drank wine and we kept cookies in a mechanical police cookie jar that said “STOP! move away from the cookie jar” when you opened it.


Still in black and white but we got a little “cleaner”. Gone are the lace curtains with the little pineapples on them and the bread machine was retired but the policeman cookie jar was still working and we got a juicer. I still had some of my toys out. The little policeman Tim gave me who peed when you pressed down on his head and the little yellow dump truck I used as a salt cellar.

Then came


The orange kitchen. You might wonder what I was thinking with this color choice but I really loved it. It was just too dark. Gone are the toys now.


Today we have the blue kithen. My favorite so far. It fits the era of the house perfectly it’s light and clean looking and makes me happy every morning.


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