The Monk’s Fuschia

front yard

We had our first storm of the season about two weeks ago. The garden loved it! As did I. So the time has come to start my planting and let mother nature take it’s course. I started with this beautiful fuschia the monk gave us years ago that’s been living in a clay pot rather unenthusiastically. I’m guessing this spot is way more exciting especially with all the australian violet I planted surrounding it. The lady at the nursery said it was blue star creeper but when I got it home and out of the flat the marker fell out and confirmed that it is indeed australian violet and that it does prefer shade which it will get plenty of.


I will have to start planting the hill side soon as well when the rains start in earnest. It’s an El Nino year so we should get nice and soaked.
It’s bulb planting time also and I bought two huge bags of tulips and one of daffodils and I’m sticking them in the ground this weekend.

It’s currently 85 degrees!

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