From Planting Along The Verge

i’ve been watching old movies lately. 
first one: The Bad Seed a (1956) horror/thriller which i thought was brilliant and creepy.

then we watched The Night of The Hunter (1955) with Robert Mitchum, also creepy. favorite scene: with Mitchum and Lillian Gish singing Leaning on Jesus. 

then i watched The Sandpiper (1965) with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  oh boy! 
talk about creepy.  but it was all filmed in Big Sur and that “little shack on the beach” Burton refers to in the movie is probably a couple three million dollars.

and i’ve been watching Art 21 a PBS series on art that makes me seriously question the sanity of most of those artists and convinced me that jeff koons is a big fat weeinie.

all those things and a visit to my daughter today are making life seem a little surreal.

One comment

  1. I imagine it does feel surreal! Of the three, I vote for “The Sandpiper”. I just watched “Amelie”, so I'm feeling smiley….


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