city of the fallen angels

From Planting Along The Verge

do you recognize this scottie?  i forgot the cord for the camera so i used one of your images from san diego?

a fallen angel.

the traffic sounds like the ocean.

i like the feeling of being one tiny star in the galaxy tonight.
i like my mother-in-law and i like that we have taken this
little trip together. 
we were remembering the last trip we took together by train from Pusan to Seoul when i bought a goofy bird painting and she bought a carved “mangy” scene which she still puts under her Christmas tree each year.


  1. I do remember that photo! It's funny how I took that pic when we were apart from each other and now you're posting it under the same conditions.


    I'm glad you guys are having fun. I had a good talk with Nancy last night.

    Hope is hard to kill.

    Love you, baby.


  2. Thank you Mary. I did find a very good Vietnamese Sandwich joint in Westwood but I was very disappointed at not seeing the Huntington Gardens because of all that rain!!!!!
    I did however see the Norton Simon for the first time. Wow.


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