home from la…..

and so glad of it.  it was like tasting too many wines or trying to smell too many perfumes.  after a while it all jumbles together and i can no longer taste or smell and in this case, see. 
we went to the Getty where my mother-in-law took a wonderful class and the Norton Simon museum instead of the Huntington because it was pouring rain and i really wanted to walk the gardens more than anything.  we had a $50 breakfast at the hotel restaurant on the 17th floor and listened to movie execs talk about Denzel. we had drinks at the bar and watched the garland of red and white lights that was the 405

From Planting Along The Verge

if you go to the Getty don’t eat any donuts…

From Planting Along The Verge

but do try the banh mi at Pho City in Westwood.

i feel stunned and unmoored and grateful that my body knows how to carry on without me, that the sun comes up and the garbage truck roars by and the dog asks to be let out only to ask to be let in when she registers the cold, that the dishwasher makes my coffee and smells delicious when he puts his lips to mine, and that the furnace guy is coming today and we can finally heat our house! that so many of you shower us with your love and support.

thank you.

From Planting Along The Verge


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