more from the Craftsman’s Handbook…

“a color known as dragonsblood is red.  this color is used occasionally on parchment, for illuminating.  but leave it alone, and do not have too much respect for it; for it is not of a constitution to do you much credit.”


page from one of my books.  photo transfer on muslin, cheesecloth, map, paint and buttons.

no dragonsblood red was used.


  1. Hi T.
    it wasn't an acetone transfer, i could never make those work. this one was done by printing the image on to a transparency, coating the muslin with matte medium laying the printed image down and using a brayer to transfer. no muss no fuss.

    i'd love to try one on glass!


  2. thank you Art spirit!
    this particular book is mostly fabric with some paper thrown,sewn or glued in. i have made some all fabric where i used either matte medium or interfacing to stiffen. works like a charm. i did my cook book that way. i think there is a photo in here somewhere of it.


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